Kyle’s Story

It’s 4:30 a.m. and Kyle’s on a bus to his first-ever, full-time job. At 21 years old, Kyle’s already playing the role of family hero for his two kids and their mother.

Last year we introduced you to Kyle’s story in a video interview (seen below, or here). At that point, he and his family had just moved to Minneapolis from a reservation in northern Minnesota. They were living in an emergency shelter.

“It became real. Life became real.”

Kyle knew he needed to grow as a father and was inspired by his kids to achieve success. “It became real. Life became real,” said Kyle.

At that point, Kyle needed to figure out how to balance raising kids and finding a job. He’s accomplished quite a bit since then; the results have been life-changing.

Avivo case manager Hiatia Gregory-Small is proud to see how far he’s come. “We watched his video story on YouTube today,” she says. “He was so full of joy just to see he’s accomplishing his goals.”

Working with Hiatia, he was able to get his son into school and find childcare for his daughter. That removed a significant barrier preventing him from finding full-time work.

He and his family recently were able to move into transitional housing, which is the first step toward finding a place of their own and achieving housing stability.