Chemical Health Assessment

Avivo provides chemical health assessments (formerly Rule 25 in Minnesota) and co-occurring substance use disorder treatment.

Getting a Chemical Health Assessment

We offer in-person chemical health (formerly Rule 25) assessments on a first-come first-served, walk-in basis, Monday – Friday, at our Minneapolis location at 1900 Chicago Avenue. Doors will open at 6:30 a.m, November – March, and 7:00 a.m.,  April – October.

Chemical Health Assessments are available at Avivo's 1900 Chicago Avenue location, seen here, where walk-in assessments (formerly Rule 25 assessments) are completed for free/at no cost for eligible individuals.

If you’re in need of an assessment, please call 612.752.8074 or email Individuals must meet eligibility guidelines. See our FAQ for more details.

For a list of locations accepting in-person assessments and admits, visit

Entering Avivo’s treatment programs

To enter Avivo’s treatment programs, individuals must have a chemical health diagnosis which is documented by a Chemical Health Assessment (sometimes referred to as a Chemical Dependency Evaluation). Individuals may have no insurance or be on a PMAP insurance plan. Some commercial insurance plans are accepted. The chemical health assessment provides access to and funding for substance use disorder treatment.

Direct Access for Same Day Services

Our assessment team will work to coordinate access to treatment services as quickly as possible. This may include same-day services with Avivo or a referred agency.

For referrals or inquiries, email, call 612.752.8074 or fax 612.752.8051.