We are stronger, together.

You propel Avivo’s mission forward.

Giving by corporations and businesses was unprecedented and helped Avivo remain strong for individuals and families.

Corporate philanthropy increased by 200% over the prior year at more than $654,000. Corporations provided sponsorships to Avivo’s three signature fundraising events and responded to our greater operating needs due to COVID-19. Together, we are stronger. We remain grateful for this overwhelming engagement and support!

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UnitedHealth Group

Avivo was selected as one of three beneficiaries for the 23rd Annual UHG Charity Golf Event. On a beautiful September day, UnitedHealth Group and Optum business partners, employees and family members played to make a difference in the lives of people in our communities. Thank you, UnitedHealth Group and Optum! (pictured: Avivo VP of External Relations Bruce Wenger, Avivo President & CEO Kelly Matter, Bud Flagstad and Paul Hanson, UHG representatives, Avivo Board Chairperson Jill Butler and Avivo CFO/COO Darcy Flinn.)


Thrivent invested in Avivo’s EMPath program that provides a mobility mentor for participants to secure jobs upon graduating from Avivo Institute of Career & Technical Education.  “We value our partnership together for Avivo’s career and training programs using the Empath model. Your work has never been more important as many people are facing multiple challenges – global health pandemic, economic uncertainty and longstanding racial inequity. We look forward to working together to ensure our communities are thriving, just and equitable.”

– Michael Dominowski, President of Thrivent Foundation and Thrivent Director of Community Affairs

Because of you, Avivo is HERE.

In 2020, Avivo donors, funders and partners responded with unparalleled generosity in desperate times. 

We remain overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you all for staying strong and believing that everyone deserves the chance to live well and work well. Every gift makes the world of difference in the lives of the people we serve.

The Jelineks

Mary and John Jelinek have been giving to Avivo and its related recovery programs for more than 20 years. Their son struggled with addiction and received outside support to access treatment. He has been in recovery for 16 years. Mary and John have been giving back since 1985, helping others who struggle to achieve sobriety. They are also longtime supporters of their alma mater Saint Mary’s University where they sponsor first generation college students to attend post-secondary education. Before John passed away in 2019, they attended the graduation of one of their sponsor students. As Mary has learned about Avivo’s whole approach to care, she is impressed with how expansive Avivo’s services are. “I really want to help people who struggle with homelessness and poverty.

Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation

The Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation has been supporting organizations helping people struggling with addition since 1951. Over the past eight years, the Foundation has made significant investments in Avivo’s family residential treatment program. “We have seen how Avivo has adapted and shifted to meet changing and growing community needs during the pandemic. We need partners like Avivo to make our investments really matter. You bring safety, opportunity and growth to the communities the Foundation cares so deeply about.”

— JoAnne Peters, Foundation Co-Director

Volunteer groups transform giving during a pandemic.

Not even a pandemic could stop our volunteers!

Volunteer build partners Mega Remodel and Cardinal gutted and remodeled an apartment for families in our transitional recovery housing. Building funds were provided by Housing First Minnesota Foundation and the Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation.

After in-person volunteering was put on hold because of the pandemic, volunteer groups later participated in select outside opportunities as well as in assembling and donating Avivo Essentials Kits.

Thank you for helping give everyone the chance to LIVE WELL. WORK WELL.

$3,750,626 raised in charitable giving and United Way

2,220 hours donated by 661 volunteers

$60,834 is the estimated value of our volunteer hours (Independent Sector)